© Marijana Petrovic/ Unsplash
Location: Zaovine, Serbia


Previous events

Dinaric Balkan Pindos Platform Meeting 4

At the fourth platform meeting, hosted by Croatia, participants exchanged information on their activities regarding large carnivore management.

Dinaric Balkan Pindos Platform Conference 3

Today in Skopje, the third workshop of the Regional Platform for the management of large carnivores in the Dinaric-Balkan-Pindos region was held, assessing the further development and functioning of the Platform.

Dinaric Platform Meeting 2

At a second meeting of the platform, participants discussed common approaches to large carnivore population management across the region and the type of long-term agreement which could support the platform. At the end of the meeting, they agreed their next steps for the platform.

Dinaric Platform Meeting 1

At the first platform meeting, participants discussed and agreed the contents of a report on the background situation for large carnivore management, the desire to collaborate and the need to continue the platform activities.