Dinaric Platform Meeting 2

Transnational exchange platform for the management of large carnivores in the Dinaric region

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Dinaric Platform Meeting 2

The objective of the platform meeting was to bring together government representatives from the Dinaric region, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and to discuss common approaches to large carnivore (LC) population management across the region. At a first meeting in November 2021 in Ljubljana, agreement was reached on the baseline situation, the desire to collaborate and the need to continue the platform activities. The aim of the second meeting was to progress along two lines of work:

  1. Practical examination of the activities on which governments and administrations can collaborate
  2. Work on a formal collaboration agreement (binding or non-binding international agreement between the
    participating countries


Meeting agenda

Meeting minutes


Introduction and meeting aims, feedback on progress since the first platform meeting, Andrea Solić and Katrina Marsden, Secretariat

Financing of this meeting: introduction to the Advisory Assistance Programme Sonja Otto, German Environment Agency

Large Carnivore management examples from Germany Katharina Steyer, German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Round table on hunters’ involvement in large carnivore management: hunting, non-consumptive uses and monitoring Examples and panel discussion led by Đuro Huber, Secretariat

LIFE Lynx project Collaboration with hunters, Rok Černe, Slovenia Forest Service

Carpathian Convention cooperation with the hunting organizations, Klaudia Kuraś, UNEP Vienna Programme Office, Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention

Carpathian Convention, Klaudia Kuraś, UNEP, Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention

Alpine Convention, Živa Novljan, Secretariat of the Alpine Convention

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