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Location: Zaovine, Serbia


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Pristina: Intervention group (30/04/2024)

Bilateral meeting on the management of large carnivores in the Dinaric Balkan Pindos region

Experts from Kosovo and Croatia gathered for a one-day meeting organized by WWF Adria – Ecopana, the Dinaric-Balkan-Pindos Large Carnivore Platform and governmental ministries of Kosovo to discuss large carnivore management. They deliberated on population management strategies, the establishment of a coordination body for large carnivores. They also discussed possibilities for the creation of an intervention team which could be tasked e.g. with data collection. The event featured numerous representatives and experts from both countries, paving the way for ongoing education and capacity-building efforts in 2024.


Workshops held in Serbia and Kosovo on “Ecological Connectivity of Habitats for Large Carnivores”

Two workshops were organised by experts from WWF Adria and the Slovenian Forestry Institute. They presented research findings on ecological connectivity for large carnivores in the Dinaric Balkan Pindos region, with specific emphasis on Kosovo and Serbia. The workshops aimed to share good practice examples of protecting vital connectivity areas, discuss research outcomes, and explore strategies to integrate these findings into strategic documents for better habitat protection. Additionally, field visits to a pilot area were organised for each workshop.

Wolf in Greece looking at the camera.

Kick-off meeting ForestConnect

At the meeting the objectives of the project “ForestConnect: Towards a Climate-smart Forest Connectivity for Large Carnivores in the Balkan-Carpathian-Dinaric Region” were presented, bringing together project partners, institutions, experts and NGOs from Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Austria.


Dinaric Platform Meeting 2

At a second meeting of the platform, participants discussed common approaches to large carnivore population management across the region and the type of long-term agreement which could support the platform. At the end of the meeting, they agreed their next steps for the platform.


Dinaric Platform Meeting 1

At the first platform meeting, participants discussed and agreed the contents of a report on the background situation for large carnivore management, the desire to collaborate and the need to continue the platform activities.